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A magical realist film with social comment on urban inequality and exclusion | Set in Lagos | 90 min.
by The Agbajawo Collective

THE VAGABOND QUEEN OF LAGOS is a creative collaboration between a core group of youth from slums and a small team of professionals. We call ourselves The Agbajawo Collective: Okechukwu Samuel, Ogungbamila Temitope, Akinmuyiwa Bisola, Atinkpo Elijah, Tina Edukpo, Mathew Cerf, James Tayler

* * *

THE VAGABOND QUEEN OF LAGOS participated in the Durban FilmMart. Development, production and post-production are is supported by the Sundance Institute and the Berlinale World Cinema Fund.  

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THE VAGABOND QUEEN OF LAGOS is the story of a young mother from a waterfront slum in Lagos who stumbles upon a horde of corrupt blood-money earmarked for a luxury estate to be built where her community stands. Jawu must overcome isolation, temptation and loss to be a unifying force in a community that stands to lose everything.

* * 

In post-production

In co-production with Beth Chitekwe-Biti and James Tayler of Slum Dwellers International (SDI), Cape Town; Megan Chapman, Andrew Maki and Mathew Cerf of Justice & Empowerment Initiatives (JEI), Lagos; Bisola Akinmuyiwa, Mustapha Emmanuel and Mohammed Zanna of The Nigerian Slum / Informal Settlement Federation, Lagos; and Chioma Onyenwe of Raconteur Productions, Lagos